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How MSDOS Changed The World

In 1981, a new operating system was introduced to the world. At the time, computers had just been invented. The massive genius boxes were the rage of the century. People were raving about just how awesome the new mainframes were. In the modern day, these early PCs seem like nothing. We pack 20 times as much processing power into our smartphones as the so called "supercomputers" of the '80s did. Then, MS-DOS was introduced by Microsoft. DOS is the early forefather of the Windows platform. If you "kids these days" haven't seen a DOS system in operation, you can easily get a good look at it if you go into the command prompt on your PC right now. Now, the problem with DOS was that it didn't seem like a gamer's paradise. Text based, low graphics gaming? No sir. Not when arcades were in full swing at the time, raking in millions in tokens.

Thousands Of Games From All Walks Of Life

However, in the period from when it was introduced all the way up to its demise when Windows 95 and 97 released, publishers and individuals managed to get off more than a few games to the platform. In fact, over 2000 games from every genre imaginable were introduced to the DOS platform. This may seem like an astounding number, but the truth is that a good programmer could shoot out at least 10 games a week, owing to the simplicity of the text-based operating system. In the age of tech that we are going through right now, games like Metal Gear Solid take over 3 years to be released. However, the DOS games were much more common, and in a way, pretty darn awesome.

An Era That Died Out Far Too Early

The sad thing is that all of these games were soon outshadowed by the new and improved operating systems being built and released. With Macintosh OS and Windows reaching newer, greater heights in their industries, text based games all but died out long before the new millennium had even begun. If you are a millennial, you probably remember the "good old days" when the arcades and text-games were taking over the world. Now, every kid with a controller is an advanced soldier in a world built with graphics so realistic it looks better than the real world does. People of the current generation never got the chance to experience what was probably the first Age of PC gaming.

Bringing It Back In Timeless Style

MS-DOS games revolutionized the global stage when it came to gaming, and then it died. Well, our site is all about bringing the games back to the people. We specialize in collecting, refining and publishing all of the greatest MS-DOS games that were ever released into the wild back in their heyday. There are thousands out there, and they are all equally amazing, especially in terms of replayability. If you want to taste the awesomeness that was the predecessor to today's Uncharted and Call of Duty, this is where you need to be. If you want to get back in touch with your roots and experience gaming as it was first made, this is the place for you. Browse through our vast collection of DOS games and start hammering your keyboard commands once more.